German dark-pop artist FLØRE releases third single ‘Cigarette’ off sophomore EP ‘Romaniac’

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German dark-pop artist FLØRE releases third single ‘Cigarette’ off sophomore EP ‘Romaniac’

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Singer-songwriter FLØRE releases ethereal single “Cigarette” as a follow up to “Bad Medicine”

Fresh off the release of her last single ‘Bad Medicine’, ‘Cigarette’ is FLØRE’s poignant follow up to ‘Bad Medicine’—an electro-pop bop with enormous potential for massive appeal. Layered with FLØRE’s signature haunting falsettos and an addictive chorus that is bound to loop in your head or get you humming, ‘Cigarette’ is the next chapter from FLØRE’s sophomore EP ‘Romaniac’.

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Preview ‘Cigarette’ HERE.

“angelic vocals for a euphoria that feels timeless and calming” – Earmilk (USA)

“With a vocal delivery that sits somewhere between Paramore’s Hayley Williams and Lorde, FLØRE explores the darkness of growing up by utilising an elegant dark-pop flare that will have you hooked from the first listen.” – The Line Of Best Fit (UK)

“Telling stories about the dark side coupled with a voice that sounds angelic, sweet and cute in contrast to the atmosphere of the music. Behind the all-gothic makeup and music that FLØRE carries is a friendly person.” – Creative Disc (ID)

“emerging rock and indie-influenced pop artist” – One Music PH (PH)

A soft contemporary ballad brimming with soothing keys and ethereal harmo​​nies, ‘Cigarette’ promises to transport listeners to another world and hits the nail recounting feelings of toxic love and the lasting side effects of its hold on its victims. ‘Cigarette’ is a leap towards showcasing FLØRE’s pop sensibilities that places the German singer-songwriter in the wagon towards becoming a bonafide superstar with the capability to package vulnerability and pain in a palatable, memorable tune.

Speaking about upcoming single “Cigarette”, FLØRE explains, “The song focuses on the self-destructive side of love. I often do things just to write about it and being hurt just keeps the fire going. So I like to lighten up sometimes and ‘Cigarette’ is the ‘Bad Medicine’ for something that does not need to be fixed. Being wasted is just something I’m attracted to artistically. So always coming back to the same pattern, felt like an addiction, I hurt myself on purpose. The outro in the song on the other hand, shows the vulnerable side of it and feels like the rehab in the story.”

To date, FLØRE has accumulated over 5.7 million streams on Spotify alone and is working towards releasing her sophomore EP titled ‘ROMANIAC’ in fall 2021. She is currently featured on Spotify’s curated RADAR GSA playlist highlighting rising music artists from Germany, Switzerland and Austria and has been featured in popular playlists from over 20 countries including New Music Friday US, Southeast Asia and Korea. She performed her first global live stream show on Amazon Music in early May. FLØRE is scheduled to perform her debut show at Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg) in late September. She is currently nominated for the 2021 PopNRW Prize.

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