Omicron’s on the loose…time to reinforce #LysolOClock habits!

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Omicron’s on the loose…time to reinforce #LysolOClock habits!

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Omicron’s entry to the Philippines has left the country shocked after the holidays. Reaching over 32,000 daily confirmed cases, a positivity rate of 46%, and only around 49% of the total population being fully vaccinated- the everyday fear and paranoia of contracting COVID-19 has also reached all time highs.

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Filipinos can be assured that they are not alone as Lysol joins them in battling this new health scare head on. Proven to kill over 100 illness-causing germs including COVID-19 virus and its Omicron variant, along with being the Most Philippine Pediatrician Recommended Disinfectant Brand, Lysol is here as the gold standard of disinfection to help Filipinos in this tough time.

To help curb the spread of the virus, Lysol recommends that Filipinos continue to practice their time and tested hygiene habits as part of their daily lives. It’s “Lysol O’ Clock!” – reminding everyone that there is still much to overcome when it comes to the virus, and that it’s best to always keep their guards up by practicing hygiene habits at home thoroughly and consistently.  With the presence of the Omicron variant, Filipinos must keep their tested disinfection habits, especially in key disinfection moments like the ones below wherein everyone should be thinking “It’s Lysol O’ Clock!”

But as important as it is to stay protected particularly in key disinfection moments- the transmission rate of Omicron is the strongest yet. Given that, we must go beyond these key moments and ensure we integrate #LysolOClock habits all day to truly level our family’s protection with the level of Omicron’s threat. Below are #LysolOClock habits to practice all day:

Many Filipinos continue to experience dread, anxiety, stress, and even panic with the Omicron variant around. But if every Filipino practices these #LysolOClock habits and stick to them in their daily lives, the country will almost certainly power through this tough time. Remember- it’s always #LysolOClock!

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