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At the Prime of their Lives Prime Cast Brings 20 Years of EXXtraordinary Brand Events and Activations

At the Prime of their Lives Prime Cast Brings 20 Years of EXXtraordinary Brand Events and Activations

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Prime Cast Events, a premier experience and activations agency in the Philippines is proudly celebrating its 20th anniversary. This year it is looking back at its two decades of unparalleled creativity, impressive executions, and unmatched commitment to its clients and vision.

Through the years, Prime Cast has established itself as a formidable corporate and brand partner, collaborating with different consumer products and services to bring their campaigns and visions to life.

Today, the Company stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of its people. This is the secret sauce that has made the Company one of the most preferred agencies for events, activations, creatives and digital services, both locally and across Southeast Asia.

The Prime Cast Experience, unlike any other  

Vision and dedication. These two words are easy to throw around when describing a company or its people. But these words ring absolutely true for Prime Cast. Its sharp vision in conceptualizing events and activations for its clients sets it apart. The mark of a great agency is when they can anticipate your needs before you even know them – and dedicate their energies to uphold their promises. You can expect anall-encompassing support system with the Prime Cast team, where brands and companies are not treated as clients, but as partners and collaborators.

From a boutique agency to a massive team, ready to help brands reach their goals, Prime Cast has built a solid portfolio of work. And they do not plan on stopping. “We have seamlessly expanded our teams and services to cater to the growing and evolving needs of our clients. This reach has not only diversified our portfolio but has also enriched our experiences, enabling us to tailor our solutions to a wide range of markets,” shares Prime Cast Chairman and CEO Alex Valerio.

It is very telling that Prime Cast’s clients, from individuals to large FMCG companies, continue to have faith and confidence in its team. “To all our partner brands from then until now, we are very humbled and grateful for your trust. Your solid confidence has pushed us to raise the bar and exceed expectations,” adds Valerio.

Primed to Keep Succeeding

At the heart of Prime Cast’s success story are the dependable individuals of the team. “I want to thank our incredible staff, manpower, models, and execution partners who work perseveringly behind the scenes. Their passion and intensity have been the pillars of our growth and achievements. To everyone who has been a part of the Prime Cast family, thank you sincerely. Together, we have created a legacy and a mark on our lives and professional careers,” Valerio ends.

As Prime Cast raises a toast to its 20th year, the Company also looks ahead with excitement and great anticipation for the future. The journey so far has already been extraordinary. Prime Cast is certain though, that the best is yet to come. Here is to 20 years of EXXTRAORDINARY excellence. Congratulations and Happy 20th Anniversary to Prime Cast Events.