Lazada and PMAP’s partnership offers more income opportunities for young, tech-savvy Filipinos through the LazAffiliates Program


Lazada and PMAP’s partnership offers more income opportunities for young, tech-savvy Filipinos through the LazAffiliates Program

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Lazada Philippines announces a partnership with the Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP), enabling the organization of Filipino models to use their individual platforms to earn more creative income by becoming a LazAffiliates member.

Partnership signing between Lazada Philippines and Professional Models Association of the Philippines, represented by Head of Affiliates, Mishie de la Cruz and PMAP President, Margarita Gutierrez

PMAP has been an institution for the country’s modeling industry since it was founded in February 1987. Their mission to uplift, protect, and professionalize the industry has paved the way for models to become more than just the face of a brand. With the rise of social media and e-commerce, models have evolved into personalities that inspire and influence their audiences.

PMAP President Margarita Gutierrez believes that the LazAffiliates partnership is beneficial towards their goals. She shares, “Now that we live in a modern world, navigating the digital world to further market our modeling lineup has become very important. The LazAffiliates program is perfect for PMAP because we’ll be able to do marketing more efficiently for our clients in tandem with our models. While we get to promote products more effectively, it’s also great that our models also have an additional avenue for earning income.”

By partnering with Lazada, PMAP models can maximize their potential as content creators and promote their favorite local fashion and beauty brands while earning extra income through the LazAffiliates program. This partnership not only strengthens ties between brands and audiences but also allows PMAP models to improve their content creation skills and learn from LazAffiliates best practices.

Mishie de la Cruz, Head of Affiliates at Lazada Philippines, shares that, “Through this mutually beneficial partnership, PMAP will be working together with Lazada to help the PMAP models have a stronger digital presence as LazAffiliates. Everyone has their own way of creating content, but LazAffiliates is a tool for them to also generate income. We want more and more people to know that absolutely anyone can sign up and benefit from the LazAffiliates program.”

The LazAffiliates program by Lazada gives everyone the opportunity to earn commissions and generate income by promoting Lazada products through unique tracking links, and gain access to exclusive experiences and other perks and rewards.

By sharing their tried and tested product recommendations from Lazada, PMAP models can connect further with their audiences and inspire them to follow in their footsteps. With this partnership, the possibilities are endless, and PMAP models can continue to uplift the modeling industry in the Philippines.

You don’t need to be a model or a social media pro to maximize your income potential! Sign up as a LazAffiliates member, and build rapport with your audience by sharing your favorite products and honest reviews and recommendations, while earning commissions.  For more information and updates, follow @lazaffiliatesph on Facebook and Instagram.