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Shopping for Dad made easy: A Father’s Day gift guide


Shopping for Dad made easy: A Father’s Day gift guide

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If you’re still scrambling for a gift idea for Father’s Day, you’re not alone! Buying a present for a dad is notoriously tricky, and most people get confused about what to get them — as dads are more often “givers” rather than receivers.  

To solve this dilemma, here’s a short guide to help you pick out a worthwhile present that your father will surely appreciate!

If your dad is a bookworm, you should get him an e-book or audiobook library subscription. Now, if he prefers printed novels, why not treat him to an all-expense paid (paid by you, of course!) book fair spree? If budget is an issue, tell him to choose his top three picks or make it more thrilling by giving him a two-minute book haul challenge. Another alternative to this would be to provide him with a fountain pen or a USB retro typewriter keyboard.

Foodie dads and self-confessed home chefs will never say no to a new set of wooden chopping boards, a Japanese Santoku knife, a cupboard full of new herbs and spices, designer pots and cookware, personalized aprons, or a new barbecue grill.  

If you have a sporty dad who loves to run, bike, play hoops, or work out, indulge in their hobby by giving them sports equipment, apparel, or accessories. However, if your father is into golf, consider giving them Malayan’s Golfer’s Insurance. While golfing is generally a safe activity, unforeseen events like equipment damage, liability, and accidents can happen while on the golf course. With Golfer’s Insurance, you can protect your dad with worldwide coverage in case his gear gets stolen or damaged on and off the course and if he figures or causes bodily injury to others in a golf-related accident. Golfer’s Insurance comes in three plans: Par, priced at Php 895.00; Birdie, which costs Php 1,795.00; and Eagle, which costs Php 3,295.00. All three plans can be bought at or the nearest Malayan Insurance branch.  

Caffeine-loving fathers will always appreciate artisanal or single-origin coffee beans, quality grinders, and brewing equipment, a portable French press and vacuum flask, and specialized coffee-brewing apparatus like siphons, pour-overs, and moka pots.

For dads who are always on the go, they’ll appreciate useful travel items like pocketable travel bags, packing cubes, microfiber towels, multipurpose tools, compact RFID-blocking wallets and satchels, and even portable massagers. Since they’re always on the move, it’s also a good idea to gift them with Malayan Insurance’s TravelMasterAnnual Frequent Flyer Policy. This travel insurance plan offers coverage for up to 900 days per trip, perfect for fathers who take multiple trips throughout the year.  TravelMaster frequent flyer policy comes in three types: Essential, which has a coverage of Php 500 thousand; Plus, which has a Php 1.5 million coverage; and Premium, which has a Php 2.5 million coverage. Plans can be purchased for as low as Php 6,530.00 for local trips and Php 9,000.00 for worldwide travel.

On the other hand, outdoorsy fathers will never tire of receiving sturdy, portable, and functional camping gear. Make sure they’re suited up for trekking or camping with new waterproof clothing and shoes, or help them remember their trips by gifting them with a reliable action camera. If you want to level up, why not book your papa a ticket to paragliding, parasailing, ziplining, ultralight, freediving, or aircraft simulation experience?   

For artistic and artisan papas, you’ll always go right with handy art supplies or power tools. Always go for quality over quantity when choosing art materials. Since these items can be costly, you can buy just several pieces of paint, pastels, mediums, or paper as long as you purchase renowned, high-quality brands. The same goes for tools and other craftsmen’s equipment.

Choosing a gift for your dad doesn’t have to be as complicated as rocket science. The rule of thumb is to zero in on your papa’s personality and interests, check what’s available on the market, and then match it to your available budget. At the end of the day, your father will likely appreciate whatever present you give him.