#TELUSPHBaonIdeas: Finding joy in meal prepping for healthier and more productive habits


#TELUSPHBaonIdeas: Finding joy in meal prepping for healthier and more productive habits

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As more younger professionals embrace healthier and thriftier living, TELUS International Philippines (TIP), a leading digital customer experience innovator that designs, builds, and delivers next-generation solutions, continues to find new ways to promote healthier lifestyle choices among its team members.

One way TIP is doing this is by encouraging practical habits like meal prepping.

During a recent cooking demo and workshop hosted by TIP, registered nutritionist and dietitian Beatrix Mercado shared, ”Preparing balanced and nutrition-specific meals for themselves and their loved ones can be a game-changer for Customer Experience professionals who are seeking healthier meals and sustained productivity.” Registered nutritionist, dietitian, and chef Fia Batua-Mambuay from Doctor Diet Manila, a meal plan delivery service, also provided hands-on demonstrations on proper portioning and techniques for more appetizing and nutritious baon options at work.

TIP understands that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging with busy work schedules, particularly for those working the graveyard shift or in hybrid arrangements. By engaging in meal prepping, team members can have easy access to nutritious and affordable meals throughout their shifts. Alternatively, TIP offers 24/7 subsidized pantries that also provide healthy meals for lower costs. All these initiatives lead to minimizing, if not eliminating, the need to rely on fast food or unhealthy snacks and ensuring a balanced and nourishing diet.

While meals are naturally for sustenance, the joy of cooking and preparing food also intersects with passion points and skills. This is why TIP gets creative in putting together training courses, special interest groups, and other informative and hands-on workshops with nutrition and culinary partners. These efforts provide a wide selection for team members to channel their passion projects and network in groups like Kitchen Club or commit to more formal upskilling sessions at TELUS International University (TIU), a program at TIP where team member or their loved ones can learn new skills or pursue a degree with partner academic institutions.

The company’s dedication to equipping its team members with the knowledge and tools for healthier lifestyle choices results in a workforce that is physically well and more productive. This commitment has been particularly beneficial for younger millennial and Gen Z members at TIP, who have observed that planning and preparing healthy meals positively impacts their general well-being and productivity at work.

Take, for instance, David Moya, a team member from TIP who belongs to the Gen Z cohort. He devotes time each week to planning and preparing his meals, ensuring a well-balanced and nutritious diet. By consciously making healthy choices, Donn experiences increased energy levels and a heightened sense of focus and efficiency at work. His dedication to a healthy lifestyle not only benefits him personally but also positively influences him to consistently deliver his best work.

As emphasized by Carlos Giammattei, TELUS International Philippines Senior Director for Brand, Marketing, and Culture, “Our initiatives and programs aim to bring out the best in our team members based on their passions and interests. We envision a future where the well-being of our workforce is not just a priority but an integral part of our identity.”

Understanding the diverse needs of its workforce, TIP tailors its health and wellness programs to cater to different preferences, including personalized fitness plans, mental health support, and education, as well as special interest groups that foster a work-and-play culture. This flexibility enables team members to align their health goals with their individual preferences, so they are more likely to stick with them.

Moreover, the company places great importance on work-life balance. From flexible work arrangements and encouraging breaks to policies supporting personal time, TIP ensures its workforce remains energized and engaged both within and outside the workplace. This commitment to holistic well-being extends beyond health programs.

“Our team members enrolled in TIU continue to enjoy the benefits of having access to quality education that provides degree courses as well as short courses in various interests, such as design, management, coding, and culinary arts, as well as college degree courses in accountancy, entrepreneurship, computer science, etc.,” said Giammattei. She added, “This benefit can also be extended to their loved ones, and not just immediate family members.”

This movement towards holistic well-being is also physically integrated across all 10 TIP sites such as themed meeting rooms, game rooms for quick mental breaks, and artistic shared workspaces fostering teamwork and collaboration.

The company is not just prioritizing the well-being of its team members. It is actively shaping an empowered workforce by aligning its initiatives with the evolving needs of its team members. To put it simply, TIP is proof that empowering individuals to cultivate healthy habits is key to fostering a healthy and highly productive workforce.